Community stakeholders committed to increasing access to addiction treatment.

We bring together a broad group of community stake holders committed to increasing access to addiction treatment, decreasing opioid overuse, and reducing overdose deaths. As advocates and community leaders from public health, hospitals, addiction treatment, medical societies, law enforcement, health plans, and other groups come to the table -- it is our goal to find creative ways to solve the opioid epidemic. 

The Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP) is a multi-year initiative supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to address barriers to access in rural communities related to substance use disorder (SUD), including opioid use disorder (OUD). RCORP funds multi-sector consortia to enhance their ability to implement and sustain SUD/OUD prevention, treatment, and recovery services in underserved rural areas.


A group of community leaders who are advocating for change in Northwest Missouri.

We’ve built a team of community advocates to drive recovery in Northwest Missouri.

A woman helping a young person to address barriers that may be prohibiting her addiction recovery.

We work together to discover and address barriers to addiction recovery.

A business person calculating numbers and studying data in order to secure funding for recovery efforts.

We look to secure funding which is key to improving recovery efforts.