Working together to heal our communities struggling with substance use disorders.


ROAR is a collaborative of individuals, caregivers and organizations striving for long-term recovery solutions. Our partners are made up of healthcare providers, nurses, health departments, law enforcement, and first responders. We also have advocates like teachers or family members who have loved ones struggling with addiction.

A health care professional working on an ipad in an effort to collaborate with others through information sharing.

Collaborative efforts in every community require support from organizations. Sometimes sharing information is the best thing a company can do to make change.

A caregiver checking the heart rate of a patient inside of a doctors office.

Providers, nurses and other healthcare workers help find the best practices in addressing substance use disorders.

Two people holding hands as they support one another on the recovery journey.

Those who have personal experience with substance use disorders understand how to help and encourage others struggling with addiction.


Connect with us. ROAR Missouri is always looking for individuals, caregivers and organizations to partner with us. Whether you need help, need information or want to help share recovery resources, get in contact with us and we’ll point you in the right direction.  

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